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Praise Fm 99.3 The Home for all your Gospel Music. We are dedicated to give you the best  Music to Glorify God and Edify the Body of Christ.

Praise fm is a gospel radio station that was started by Mr Steve Huggins. its located in Hamilton estate Charlestown Nevis. it started on the 27th of October,  2004. the station depends on gifts and donations from faithful Christians with the Grace of God.

We have faithful listeners allover the world. Listeners tune in online and are able to listen to Caribbean ,African music,  southern gospel ,praise and worship, inspirational music. we have music in different languages like Creole, Spanish, French, German, African languages which include Swahili (Kenya), kikuyu (Kenya) Luganda (Uganda), Lunyankole (Uganda) Zulu (South Africa) Nigeria. Our vision is to get more music from other parts of the world so that we preach the Gospel in all Languages. our vision is to spread the Gospel to all corners of the world. we have great teachings of the word of God.


 Program Line Up

Monday - Friday

Morning Glory- 5am-08:00am





















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Program Line Up

Program Line Up Monday - Friday

Morning Glory- 6am-08:00am

Talking bible---6.00 am

The sower--  ---6:15 am

Music-------------6:30 am

BBC NEWS--Weather headlines-7:00am

commercial-- 7:15 am

keys for kids-- 7.30 am

Our daily bread--7:45am

Caribbean musi--7.50

news  -----               8.00am

commercial break-- 8.15

birthday greetings --8.20

sonlight------ 8.45 am

Music---9:00 am

Daily Delights (9.00am Till 4pm)

Focus on the Family  - 9:00am

MUSIC - 09:30-10:00Am

SRN NEWS - 10:00AM

 Intouch --- Dr Charles Stanley-10:05

Bring back the book-- Bishop A.L.Helligar---10.30 am

The Alternative -11:00am-11:30 by Dr Tony Evans

Music -- 11:30- 

BBC NEWS - 12pm

Commercial Break -12:15pm

Music-- 12:20- 1 pm

Unshackled--- 1 pm - 1:30 pm

Music   --- 1:30pm-2 Pm

 Insight for Living- 2:00-2:30 pm ChuckSwindoll

Commercial Break -- 2:30

the country/ southern gospel-2.35pm

Bible Speaks Repeat only Thursdays -- 3:00pm

Praise kids---- 3.30- 4.00 pm

Music-  till 4 PM 

Afternoon connections - 4:00-6:00pm

 Commercials --- 4:30

OECS News-- 5.55pm

Music - 6:30 pm- bible speaks ( only wed)

The word for life-- Pr Jon Lands- 7:00pm

Dear Pastor --- 1am

Music - 01am:-6:00am


The kids zone -7am - 10am

Caribbean medley - 10am-1:00 pm

Gospel count down - 1:00 pm--2pm

Late night gospel - 8pm-11:00pm

Praise and Worship - 11:00pm


Sunday morning Devotions -

Praise and Worship - 8:30am-9am

Music - 9:00am

Songs for the soul - 12pm


Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day